Flipped Classroom

Blending learning inside and outside the classroom Flipped learning reverses the traditional classroom approach to teaching and learning. It moves direct instruction into the learner’s own space. The classroom becomes a space for dynamic, interactive learning where the teacher guides and coaches students to apply concepts they have learned online.

Event-based learning

Event-based learning runs over a few hours or days and creates a memorable sense of occasion. The time-bounded nature of an event encourages people to learn together, its local setting supports face to face encounters between amateurs and experts, and the scale of an event can provide access to resources that would otherwise prove inaccessible.

event-based learning

Technology-enhanced event-based learning offers opportunities for participation, collaboration and distributed expertise. These events not only have the potential to engage millions of people in memorable learning experiences, but can also make significant additions to the body of knowledge available to us as a society.

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