Click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Current Students

When is this semester starting ?

  • It has started as of this week starting April 6th 2020

Where can I get the subject Notes?

  • Your respective subject lecturer will upload in the BLMS.

How do I register ?

Where can I check up on my class timetable or schedule ?

  • You should have it if you have completed registration. If not, please contact your school admin

How about class Attendance?

  • It will be captured automatically in the BLMS. For this, you must log in into BLMS every time when there is an online class in order for the system to take the attendance.

How do I attend my online classes ?

  • Please download the guidelines on attending classes in Ms Teams from our webpage : Manual Guidelines

Purpose of Microsoft team?

  • This is a online meeting or classroom platform for the students to attend the classes, presentation, discussion, tutorials or any type of virtual.

What is the classroom team code?

  • Well, the team code for every online class will be created and sent by your subject lecturer before the beginning of the first class. After you received the code, use it to join the Microsoft team class.

I’m having technical issues with my BLMS, students portal and MUST student email. Who do I contact?

  • Refer to your respective School Admin. You may reach him/her via email.

I have problems with my subject selection and registration. Who I should refer to?

  • The right person is your program coordinator and NOT the subject lecturer or admin staff. You may contact him/her via email only.

Will this whole semester be conducted online ?

  • Based on the current directives available from regulatory authorities, the first seven weeks of this semester are going to be conducted online and your Mid Term examinations will also be online. This may be extended based on new direction from the regulatory authorities

Why has the online class time been cut to half ?

  • One of the criteria of online learning is where students take on a bigger role in self learning. Even though interaction has been cut by half, your lecturers have developed several self learning activities for you which you will find engaging and useful. The current times require a paradigm shift for all of us in teaching and learning.

Will the weightage of our assignments be changed ?

  • No. These are fixed by the MQA approvals for each program

Will we still be having group assignments and projects ?

  • Yes. Your lecturers will show you how to participate in a modified form of group work.

Will the Final Exam also be online?

  • At this point in time, it is too early to tell. We will share this information before the end of seven weeks.

My internet connection is not great.. How can I follow the class ?

  • Your lectures are recorded and you can get the link to view the video on Ms Stream from your lecturer.

In the case of if there is any lecturer NOT properly managing the class such as late in uploading class material, not conducting online classes, lack of support in academics; who will be the right person to contact since this issue is very P&C?

  • This is very unlikely to happen, but should the occasion arise, please message

How about the internship program during the MCO?

  • Temporarily suspended till the MCO lifted up. However, the essential service providers are still running their operations and the interns are still allowed to apply directly with the company and attend the interview online.

I have completed my internship and intend to enroll for the Bachelor program. Is there any enrollment during the MCO?

  • YES, the new students’ registration is open throughout the year. You may refer and contact via email your Diploma Program Coordinator or your former School lecturer or anyone of MUST University marketing consultant.

I have a question that isn’t listed in your FAQ regarding my experience as a student, who should I contact? – Shoot an email to

  • They’re both very handsome and are here to make sure your experience at MUST will be an extraordinary one 🙂